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Walden Pond State Reservation—Free Speech in Peril

A Counter-Essay by and Letters to and from Ed Cantarella

For democracy, free speech, and open debate, the editor includes on this page negative criticism lodged by Ed Cantarella, a paralegal with a severe hubris problem. The following is an essay published by Rod Amis' G21, now dead, written by Cantarella, the editor's response to the essay, and all correspondence between Cantarella and the editor.  The essays that Cantarella refer to in his essay are on the Walden Pond State Reservation page of this website.  Now what, one must wonder, did Cantarella, who blindly sides with police, think of the Boston Globe headline: "75 officers failed city drug tests: Cocaine use most prevalent, raising concern"

Natural Laws

by Ed Cantarella
"..You don't tug on Superman's cape,
You don't spit into the wind,
You don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger,
And you don't mess around with Slim,
Da, do, da, do..." --- Jim Croceule or break the law and then expect some high level of civility and/or concern for their bodily well-being when the "authorities" apprehend them. I'm not talking about criminals who clearly understand the consequences of their actions, like bank robbers or serial killers. I'm talking about the small minority (thankfully) in almost every society who suffer under the misconception that "public places" are magical zones where you can "do as you wish, go where you wish" and that arguments to the "authorities" that, "I am a private citizen in a public place" should hold great sway.

·         NO DOGS ALLOWED,





- these "orders" seem to be the proverbial "gauntlet of challenge" for these folks.

I got onto this particular kick, after reading a piece written by G.Tod Slone. Mr. Slone, as some longtime readers of G21 may recall, used to submit articles to G21 on various subjects; he is also the editor of a set of personal web pages he entitles "The American Dissident."


In the piece in point, Basic, Everyday Rights, Mr. Slone tells of how he arrived at Walden Pond State Park (yes, the same pond made famous by Henry David Thoreau,) and --- being the holder of a season pass for park admittance --- felt there was no reason he should have to wait in line; therefore, driving his vehicle around another vehicle and the park attendant, he proceeded on his way, undeterred. After enjoying the public amenities for an hour or more, Mr.Slone then took it upon himself to return to the park attendant, and confront him with verbal abuse, including a liberal application of the "F" word (English slang for sex), just because this young man had called out, "SIR!, SIR!", while he, Slone, had been "crashing the gate".

For his trouble, Mr. Slone ultimately got arrested for [what he calls] "Civil Disobedience", spent a day in jail and had his vehicle impounded, costing him $95 and several trips to court.

Through a series of correspondence with Mr.Slone, it became clear he will accept no culpability in the events that took place; challenged by my defense of the park rules and the attendants, it was conveyed in no uncertain terms by Mr. Slone that Mr.Slone feels that I:

·         (a) sympathize with Neo-Nazis;

·         (b) am a pedophile or homosexual;

·         (c) am a brainwashed hyper-patriot; and

·         (d) have never been arrested and/or spent a night in jail.

I wasn't there when Mr.Slone was arrested, so maybe his treatment by the authorities was as egregious as he portrayed it; however, he was wrong on all points in his assessment of me - so I have to wonder.

There were two fairly recent events where I WAS a witness and, frankly, I couldn't fault the authorities at all for their handling of the perpetrators of these "incidents".

The first incident was fairly innocuous.

I was attending a performance at a public outdoor auditorium where the covered pavilion seating was a few dollars more than the "lawn" seating. Since I didn't feel like toting a blanket, etc. I had shelled out the few dollars for the "first-class" seating. As the main act came on stage, a large young man tried "crashing" past the security people to gain admittance to the pavilion area - without paying.

He was promptly wrestled to the ground and, with his head mere inches from my feet, he looked up at me and screamed," They're f--king hurting me, man!"

What else could I say but, "Stop f--king struggling, man!"?

I mean, seriously, I PAID for my ticket; did he think I was going to jump in and help him fight off the security personnel? Pu-leeez!

A more recent event took place while I was attending some classes at my local community college. Our break time was about over, and my fellow students hurried off to class, away from the small snack and vending area that was adjacent to a stairwell --- a stairwell that led down to the main computer server room of the campus. An area full of doorways clearly marked "Authorized Personnel Only".

Suddenly, two campus police burst through the door and quickly crossed the room to the stairwell. Within seconds of their descent down the stairs I heard angry voices.

Someone was yelling,"Get your f--king hands off me, this is a public school. I'm a private citizen...I can go where I want!"

The two officers came up the stairs, flanking a young man with a wild-eyed look and a backpack.

Reaching the top stair, the young man made a "break for it", but one of the officers, a heavy build chap that resembled heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson, caught his arm. For 30-40 seconds a wild brawl ensued. ( Later I learned that the young man's backpack contained six hard drives he had jerked out of servers that maintain various student records, projects, assignments and grades.)

Unfortunately for our first officer, his partner froze. Absolutely motionless.

Meanwhile, "the fighter" and the "private citizen" went crashing into the vending machines and took turns slamming each other against the brick walls of this "commons" area.

The officer was using some fairly sophisticated techniques for trying to restrain this suspect without brutalizing him.

At some point the young man was able to grab the safety strap that goes over the officer's pistol and brought the pistol partway out.

I had an immediate sense of my mortality --- and I too was motionless.

Through a herculean effort, the officer was actually able to wrestle the gun back, and wrenched the young man toward the ground.

At this point I decided things had gone far enough and I jumped on the suspect's legs, feeling it was my civic duty to assist the officer with a suspect with such obviously violent propensities.

He cried out,"You're f--king hurting me!"

While the officer screamed at his partner to put on the cuffs, I could do nothing less than scream back at the young,"private citizen" , "Stop f--king struggling!"

Civil Disobedience:" The refusal to obey a law for the purpose of demonstrating its unfairness or social undesirability".

I'll concede that Mr. Slone was improperly charged with"Civil Disobedience", as it doesn't appear that Mr.Slone's intent or purpose was to demonstrate any "unfairness or social undesirability" to a rule or law at work --- he merely wanted to gain admission to a state maintained park as quickly as possible,"Slone-style".

However, he then decided to "run the gauntlet" again, and contest the issue with the park attendant. An earlier article of his described how children at the same park look at him suspiciously; apparently, he understands the main reason the "park attendants" are supposed to glance into each vehicle: public safety.

After extended correspondence (ok, it was a flame war) with Mr. Slone, I came to the conclusion that what he really was guilty of was a basic lack of appreciation for "Natural Law"; a concept that is explained in legal dictionaries, but rarely in actual laws.

"Knowledge of natural laws may be attained merely by the light of reason, from the fact of their essential agreement with the constitution of human nature." 11 Ark. 519,527. Human nature. Common sense.

"Natural Law" is the force that keeps us from disturbing dogs when they are eating.

"Natural Law" should have propelled Mr.Slone's vehicle out of the park and past the ranger's booth, without him stopping to "screw" with the guard --- IMHO.

It was downright "unnatural" what he did.

Considering the range of individuals law enforcement personnel have to deal with, and Mr.Slone's self-proclaimed love of argument , I thought Slone was treated with a "natural" degree of civility. In keeping with the unwritten laws of "Human Nature", he was granted access to the same jailhouse amenities as any other law breaker in the Land of Opportunity.



Date:  Sat, 12 Feb 2005 07:57:19 -0800 (PST)

From:  "George Slone" <> 



Dear Rod:

It’s been quite a while.  Hope you’re still publishing G 21.  Anyhow, I just came across the Cantarella right-winger, cop-friendly bullshit piece on your site.  He is wrong on several points.  First, my website ( is not a set of personal webpages.  It is the site of the literary journal I publish and edit in Concord.  He is wrong with regards the reasons for my incarceration, which had nothing to do whatsoever with my driving around a car and not waiting on line at Walden Pond.  He is also wrong with regards his approval of my incarceration for the use of swear words.  The law in Massachusetts clearly stipulates that using such words in public does not constitute a crime and certainly does not constitute reason for incarceration.  Those laws are listed on my website with my essays.  He is a paralegal and ought to be ashamed of himself because he ought to know better and should not omit such pertinent facts.  Clearly, the judge proved my point, though didn’t have the guts to counter the arresting cop, who was whistling Dixie and getting time and a half overpay in the courtroom.  She threw the case out and should have reprimanded the smug-ass cop.  I DID NOTHING ILLEGAL!  Why does Cantarella simply omit that fact?  He also omits that on another occasion I was ordered off the grounds of Walden for simply and silently holding a placard:  NO FREE SPEECH AT WALDEN POND?  Why does he approve of that?  After all, is that not a fundamental American right?  Well, we do know that many foolish Americans disdain the First Amendment because they disdain people who disagree with them.  Below is Cantarella’s correspondence.  I never inferred he was a pedophile, homosexual, or Neo-NAZI.  In fact, if anything, he inferred it of me (see below).  His claiming thus is defamation because it is not only a lie but a willful, childish lie.  Please attach this letter to his essay on your site, or you too shall be legally defaming me.  My writing strives to be logical and not emotive.  Evidently, “Laughing My Ass Off” Cantarella strives in his writing to do the opposite.  The question is simple:  Did I break the law?  The answer is simple:  NO!  Why does Cantarella simply omit that? 


So, my question to you is, why do YOU publish “wrong” and irrelevant emotive crap on your site?  What do you get out of it?  The following is the kind of right-wing stupidity Cantarella stands for:  “Maybe they should have beat the crap out of you and rolled you into the woods, then at least you could have fulfilled your martyr fantasy.”  Clearly, Cantarella is an enemy of Free Speech and Democracy.  Hopefully, after reading his letters, you will agree that Cantarella is full of horseshit.  The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.  By the way, as friend of Democracy and Free Speech, I will be posting his essay and letters on my site today. 


Look forward to hearing from you,


G. Tod Slone, Ed.

The American Dissident


Subj:       Civil Disobedience

Date:       7/27/00 1:40:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:      ECantarell

To:          Enmarge


Dear Mr. Tod:


Read your piece on Civil Disobedience and laughed my ass off - at you.


1. Season pass or not, you do not have a right to drive around other's who have waited, possibly placing park employee's in danger with your unexpectedly passing vehicle.  Those rangers are looking for a variety of things,such as: children "sleeping" under a blanket in the back seat( YOU MIGHT be a pedophile hoping to molest said same child in a secluded corner of the parking lot,whatever). YOU demonstrated a classic criminal behaviour by avoiding the "authorities".  Their position(sometimes correct, sometimes not) is that if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.


2. A lot of us use the word FUCK; I personally love all the permutations of the word FUCk - Fuckhead, Fuckwad,fuck-off, fuck-face..... Unless the park ranger was your friend, he was rightfully indignent at your use of the word Fuck, against his person. 


3. Maybe they should have beat the crap out of you and rolled you into the woods, then at least you could have fulfilled your martyr fantasy.


Laughing My Ass Off,

Ed Cantarella




Well, maybe Cinderella would have been more appropriate than Cantarella, since cantare in Italian means to sing… as in poets singing the truth! 


The level of your intelligence appears dismal, if not pitiful.  Are you perhaps a Massachusetts state college graduate… or State police officer… “laughing your ass off” in blissful ignorance?  Well, you did actually read my piece, which sets you apart from, not necessarily above, the hoards of everyday citizens of the Cronywealth of Massachusetts.  God help the Nation if it continues to people itself with dimwitted, hyper-conforming college graduates, teamplayers of tedium.  Evidently, you are so blindly patriotic that it is impossible for you to comprehend the legal jurisprudence regarding the word Fuck that I cited in that piece you read.  How pitiful indeed.  I will not try to enlighten you regarding those legal aspects.  That would be a failed venture, considering the letter you sent.


By the way, people obsessed with pedophilia or homophilia tend to be closet/repressed pedophiliacs or homosexuals, respectively.   I think intelligent citizens have much to fear from the Nazi mentalities ever trying to gain power in the State.  Your Nazi mentality is underscored in your stupid statement that they should have “beat the crap” out of me for speaking.  Is that what your father used to do to you?  Is that how you ended up becoming such a wonderful blind patriot?  Will you beat the crap out of me because I hurt your feelings, or will you prove capable, that is, a MAN, and debate the issues? 


In any case, Ed, jail did my soul good.  Every citizen should be forced to spend a little time behind bars.  Maybe then the citizenry would have a little empathy and compassion for those rotting behind bars, especially the many innocent citizens there rotting. 


Jail did my soul good because it opened my eyes a little bit more to the crap that goes on in this State, rife with nepotism, cronyism and patronage (use your dictionary).  Stick your head into the asshole of the Big Dig if you have a difficult time comprehending that. 


Finally, I would quote Thoreau for you, but I suppose you would have been one of those who would have demanded his execution for some of things he said.  Surprise me, Ed, show me a little intelligence.  Manhood is intelligence, not washboard abs and large dicks.  Being a MAN is using ones mind, not ones fists.  Think about that. 



G. Tod Slone, Ed.

The American Dissident



Subj:       Re: Civil Disobedience

Date:       7/27/00 3:43:52 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:      ECantarell

To:          Enmarge


Actually G.Tod(is there something about your first name that you can't stand?):


You were close on the meaning of my last name - and yes, I do sing.  Actually, I have spent time in jail, and currently make a living out of assisting in the representation of those accussed of crimes (I am a paralegal).  The "beating" comment was rhetoric, mainly intended to incense you and possibly raise your awareness of how much of this situation you apparently percipitated.  From a practical standpoint, have you considered that there ARE some people who apply for those jobs of authority, because they are looking for an excuse to "beat the crap" out of someone.  Sometimes, discretion IS the better part of valor.


As a father of four children ranging in age from 6-20, and having read more Department of Social Services interviews of battered and molested children then I would have ever imagined I could tolerate and maintain my sanity, my proposition that the "park rangers" want to keep an eye out for any number of ,what I will generically refer to as "dangerous weirdos"(as oppossed to "common weirdos", such as myself, and apparently you, who are generally of no danger to the public, liberal,consevative or otherwise) was only proposed to point out those "ranger" do have some useful functions.  I assure you that I am neither a closet pedo or homo - but sex crimes do seem to be a growth area of crime these days.


Re: Nazis mentalities and people in jail.  I understand, probably much better then you, the number of wrongfully accused (to say nothing of the mentally ill who are recieving no compassion in jail I know you don't care for Rod, but read MY article anyway, if you have the time. ); however, I also understand the full depravity of a mother who put her child in the washing machine.....the gang that kicked a street person to death and then stuffed his body in the sewer for fun....the parents that jointly molested the bodies of their own children as casually as you go for a swim at Walden Pond.  I actually have great admiration of Thoreau, but I don't think you embody his philosophies any better than I, or possibly even that park ranger.  If you think the whole thing is so corrupt, why didn't you just sneak into the park?


A miscellaneous paranoia piece.

More of Me on Nuclear Proliferation

Final tidbit that shows I do more then just "watch TV and read the mainstream press."


Consider that some people consider verbal agression equal to physical aggression, often due to early life experiences.  Maybe to that ranger, your use of the word "Fuck" was equivelent to you kicking him in the leg.




Ed Cantarella

P.S. As a child I walked in anti-Vietnam marches with my parents(who incidentially were SLP members to boot) and remember the adults who spat on us and threw rocks and trash at us.




P.S.S. My maternal granfather,grandmother and an uncle died in the concentration camps, after they were gathered up in my mother's native toss the idea of Nazis mentallity around much too freely; no doubt a lifelong "American citizen".



Subj:       Re: G.Tod Slone,Ed.

Date:       7/27/00 4:16:07 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:      ECantarell

To:          Enmarge


P.S.S. Abbreviating the word Editor is improper after your name, as "editor" is a position, not a degree.



Well, as I suspected we would not be going far at all in discussing much of anything.  You seem to have an uncanny inability to read my writing with any accuracy of comprehension whatsoever.  Clearly, there’s not much I can say to you.  At least, I am happy that you will not be hunting me down



This is why I asked if you were a State college graduate.  Unlike you, I do follow in Thoreau’s footsteps quite very closely. 




Subj:       (no subject)

Date:       8/1/00 8:21:24 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:      Enmarge

To:          ECantarell


Sorry, Ed, you just don't seem to make much sense at all.  Evidently, you are against free speech, and therefore in favor of the crony system firmly embedded in this corrupt State.  You are incapable of comprehending the legislation I cited which makes it illegal to arrest a citizen for hollering fuck in public.  Well, I will soon be out of this state and hope never to come back to live again.  It is one of the biggest state HYPOCRACIES (as opposed to democracies) in the Nation. 

G. Tod


Subj:       Re: (no subject)

Date:       8/1/00 10:07:41 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:      ECantarell

To:          Enmarge


Dear Gee:


I suspect that your civil disobedience charge stemmed from you breaking some rule that was posted on/near the park attendant's shack.  Civil disobedience is the purposeful refusal to obey a law or rule, for the purpose of demonstrating its unfairness or social undesireability.   YOU purposely drove around the park attendant with little concern for whether or not they actually knew/saw that you had a season pass, you just figured you were in the right and that was good enough for you.  Then to compound the matter, you decided to stop back at the park attendant's shack, in an attempt to show him you had cajones of steel(since you earlier indicated you despise the concepts of washboard abs and large penises; unless of course, you are being one.)  I did enjoy our exchange of thoughts and you have provided me with fodder for one or more articles I will be compelled to write after this.


Wishing you well,

godspeed you to your next arrest - may you find love and passion and excitement there.


P.S. Don't spend so much time sitting in those dark alleyways, its bad for your complection.

P.S.S. I hope you haven't been fantasizing about me, you pathetic, unemployable fool.



Subj:       Public educated cretins

Date:       8/1/00 11:07:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:      Enmarge

To:          ECantarell


Actually, my arrest resulted from an argument with a STATE employee (believe it or not, in the USA and MASS., citizens have a legal right to argue with and criticize STATE cronies.  The actual arrest was made by a state trooper back in Concord, where he followed me.  His report was lie, stating there were witnesses.  Nobody was ever present.  He never informed of my rights, nor told me why he was arresting me.  Only an hour later in the cell did he read me my rights.  Cops can do whatever the hell they want regarding politically unconnected citizens and always have done this.  The history of the Cops is one of violence and against the general citizenry... union busting, etc..  Cops will get worse and worse, not better.


In other words, I would not have been arrested if I had kept my "FUCKING TRAP SHUT" to quote another officer in the cell block.  So, you can skip all of that driving around the park ranger stuff... it had nothing to do with my arrest.  My arrest was due to a cop who had nothing better to do but to rattle his sabers. 


You are of the most IGNORANT SUNSOFBITCHES THE USA HAS TO OFFER.  God help the nation that you cannot even comprehend its legislation.  Maybe you need to go to church.  I suppose you are of the cretino variety who would seek to murder the homeless in Boston.  Can you be so ignorant as to not comprehend that 3.9% unemployment rate represents about ten million adult citizens?  Can you be so ignorant as to not comprehend that System America will never desire full employment.  Not one politician will ever have that as a platform?  Why?  Because capitalism demands 100 applicants for each job, thus supply and demand keeping salaries low. 

No need to continue this fruitless exchange.  Evidently, you are a right wing cretino.  Read the Boston Herald today.  An interesting article on political cronies. 


G. Tod



ubj:         Re: Public educated cretins

Date:       8/1/00 11:58:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:      ECantarell

To:          Enmarge


Dear G:


I certainly would not agree that 100% of the population is employable.  There IS a certain percentage that would rather be alcoholic,homeless streetpersons, there are the habitually criminal and the mentally ill.  3.9% means that some of those who maybe shouldn't be working, are.


Actually, I spend between 200-300 hours annually, feed and clothing the poor and do attend a church(here's some ammo, I'm a Methodist).


Actually, in many jurisdictions, interferring with the lawful functions of a state employee is a misdemeanor criminal offense.  The applicable theory is: you are stealing from the commonwealth when you waste public time and dollars.  Albiet, the cost is small, and there ARE an endless tream of government employees who are doing little more than "feeding at the public trough", but that does not excuse your largess with the "public" facilities and employees.  YOU got caught.  Why?  Because you are a smart ass that would prefer to sit around pissing and moaning, then actually doing something for someone else.


Your anger against capitalism sounds like nothing more than sour grapes from someone who can't get in on the current good economic times, because they are too stubborn and stupid to conform JUST A LITTLE.  With a little capatilstic accumen, you could have a real web site, instead of some pathetic pages.  With a little capatalistic  accumen, people could actually receive your message.  I guess your self-proclaimed moniker of "American Dissident" is pretty much on the mark.  But why "American", when you obviously hate this country so much?  Why don't you just leave - if Elian could make the trip, you might survive too?




P.S. Learn to spell.



Subj:       Re: Public educated cretins

Date:       8/1/00 8:30:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:      Enmarge

To:          ECantarell



Hmmm.  You evidently refuse to consider the legislation I mentioned.  Nothing I can do there at all.  America Love it or Leave it!  I thought that went out in the 60s with the pro-Vietnam dingbats.  I guess I was wrong... the dingbats are still around.  No baby, America, hang around and criticize this farce of a Nation... faux-democracy.  Anyhow, baby, I am leaving this shithole very shortly.  I found work in another country.  Prosper in your ignorance is blissful state of mind... prosper.  But for me, prosperity is not in your loud polluting SUVs, but rather in the enlightenment of the mind.  Methodist?  I guess you're simply one of millions in this Nation who continue to blemish Christ's name.  What a farce your religion... kill the unemployable... kill the homeless...

Can't you even comprehend what I said about capitalism and full employment?  This is not my idea, baby.  I think you'd be hard pressed to find an economist who would deny that fact.  Your statement that 10 million Americans are unemployable is fascist in resonance.  Are you perhaps involved in the Hitler youth revival too?  God help your 4 children.  And God help the Nation for them!

G. Tod

Subj:       Re: Public educated cretins

Date:       8/1/00 8:37:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:      Enmarge

To:          ECantarell


PS:  America has become a grotesque hypocracy... an evident plutocracy and oligarchy masquerading as a pitiful democracy.  Vote Nader if you want to help the Nation and the World.  Vote Gore/Bush if you want to sink both deeper in the mire of Stepford clonialisation... where the functionary reign supreme and the man of mind be castigated and sent out to exile. 

I was born here.  It is next to impossible for Americans, that is those not clonified engineer, computerhead or functionary supreme, to find work overseas.  I ought to know as I have been researching the matter for the past decade, especially regarding CANADA, my country of predilection, voted #1 as best place in the world (the US was voted #17). 

So, there is not much I can do about leaving.  NB, however, I have found a temporary job elsewhere... and I flee with delight. 

The American Dissident is named as such in protest to Harvard's thinly veiled parading of Chinese dissidents at its commencement ceremonies.  Blockheads like yourself cannot comprehend what the word dissident means, unless paired with Chinese, Iraqui or Soviet. 

Any other questions, my thin-minded correspondant?


G. Tod



Subj:       Re: Public educated cretins

Date:       8/1/00 8:41:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:      Enmarge

To:          ECantarell


P.P.S.:  By the way, your name and imbecilic comment will appear in my forthcoming issue, which your cheap ass will be able to find on the shelf of the Concord Public Library.  I say this to you the good Methodist so that you will be tempted to steal or deface The American Dissident  located at the library.  I must assume that you are into bookburning and censorship.



Subj:       Re: Public educated cretins

Date:       8/2/00 10:09:06 AM Eastern Daylight Time

From:      ECantarell

To:          Enmarge


Dear G:


Since you brought Jesus into the picture.......


Jesus tells me to speak out against injustice.  I view you as an unjust person, unable to accept any fault in yourself, prone to antagonizing others, unfaithful to an spirit of civic mindedness(or your civic spirit is so weak that it crumbles at the first sign of forces larger then yourself).  You fail to realize or appreciate the many values and positive attributes of this country, a country which millions seek to come to, permanently, each year.


Let's go back to the "scene of the crime" bubba: you drove past the park attendant in disregard for his position as employee of the state, who just might perform some duties that are for the public wellbeing(is there a much higher calling?; then you decided to figuratively "kick sand in his face" by returning to the scene and proudly proclaiming that you had driven past him purposely, just because you could(gee, using that logic rape,genocide and any number of other autrocities are justifiable).   You HAVE given me an opportunity to quantify what exactly is irratating about YOU: you fail to recognize the concept(which most people learn by 6-7 years of age) of "natural law".  "[K]nowledge of [natural laws] may be attained merely by the light of reason, from the fact of their essential agreement with the constitution of human nature." 11 Ark. 519,527.


You seem to be unable to perceive or appreciate human nature.  You screwed with the park attendendant, you pestered the cop, and you finished things off by berating your female friend for some simple confusion.  None of your writing(least those I found) mention family,friends or children in more then a passing fashion; I don't know if you have any of these.  My original correspondence was to see if you had any pulse, a clue, a sliver of insight, into how YOU caused the situation to escalate.  Are you familiar with the Charles Swindoll [sic] quote regarding attitude?  Paraphrased," is 10% what happens to us, and 90% how we react to it..".



P.S. My publisher just loves the rough draft of my chronicle of our exchange; thanks for helping me pay my bills.



Subj:       Re: Public educated cretins

Date:       8/2/00 12:00:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:      Enmarge

To:          ECantarell


I suspect you just might be the park attendant in question.  Why did it take so long for you to respond.  Why the anonymity?  I do recall speaking to a young bearded park ranger who knew about you and actually called you an asshole.  Anyhow, you are amusing in your obtuseness, though quite pitiful.  I notice most of the points I bring up, you choose to ignore.  You choose not to address the legislation that I evoked.


Yes, millions come here every year because of the political oppression we tend to be responsible for throughout the world.  Mexico is in the shadow of America, receiving the brunt of American Corporate corruption.  Our politicians corrupt their politicians (this is called globalization), resulting in a populace hungry for justice and food. 


Why do you continue to write me?  It seems that your reading of Jesus has been corrupted.  Return to church, my boy, get rebaptized! 


What does "employee of the state" mean?  It means servant of the citizenry!  That's what cop is supposed to be.  Instead both now simply mean crony.

Keep in mind that when you keep stating "most people" or the "majority", no thinking man would ever think the majority was right just because it was a majority.  Read Ibsen's "An Enemy of the People" that is if you can read. 


Well, publishers tend to have their heads up their asses or in their pocketbooks all the time.  Just look at the trash they publish.  I suppose you have a shelf full of those Dumb books. 


What more can I say to you?  Would it make you feel happy to have the last word?   I suppose when at the high school I had classroom fulls of the children of the likes of you.  That would explain their level of ignorance.  Have it, my friend.  I enjoy these exchanges to a point, that is, when my interlocuteurs have some degree of reasoning. 


Here's a poem I just wrote.  Let's test it on your brain.  Now, it's easy to say "you can't write".  Okay.  Let's suppose I can't write.  Now look at the poem.  Tell me what is false in it, including the part on the cops.  Try not to get emotionally turmoiled.  Clear your head.  Get rid of that hatred.  I cannot hate you.  I have never seen you.  I am disturbed by your logical setup, but not full of hatred.  Again, try looking at those laws I listed.  I'll attach them here too.  Look at them.  Think a little, then respond to those laws, not to me, not whether you think they're just...


Farewell Concord


Farewell Concord

where absence of poverty,

sellouts in great quantity,

homes of ultra luxury,

no trespass signs and

doctors, lawyers and

writers with strict boundary

in general absence of integrity.


Farewell Concord

where no unemployment office,

but wealthy realty agents on every corner,

SUVs galore, cellphoned mentalities,

kids with home entertainment centers,

and shark-eyed cops behind privet hedges

watching trucks exceeding the speed limit. 


Farewell Concord

where no Black minorities,

though Orientals with computer savvy,

grass cut and sprinklers watering

day and night ultra conformity,

and Thoreau Society ever babbling inanity.


Farewell Concord

where prisoners suffer in the reformatory,

big boy coke cups lay next to dead squirrels in deformity,

birds chirp chirp unheard in the din of traffic whoosh,

and voters register on time,

good citizens wagging apathetically

cautiously buffered with book readings by Robert Pinsky… 




Legislation...l just a sample of the jurisprudence (use your dictionary) that governs the word FUCK


1. Commonwealth vs. Smith (1850):  "It is no offense against the law to utter loud cries and exclamations in the public streets..."

2.  Commonwealth vs. LePore (1996): "Conduct must disturb through acts other than speech; neither a provocative nor a foul mouth transgresses statute."  Nothing in the officer's report indicated that I was doing anything but speaking.  Also, a person is deemed disorderly if, "with purpose to cause public inconvenience, annoyance and alarm, or recklessly creating risk thereof... by act which serves no legitimate purpose of actor."  Any language I used was used with purpose and in the name of POLITICAL free _expression. 

3. Commonwealth vs. Johnson (1994):  "Mere use of obscenities in public does not make out crime of disorderly conduct."   I expressed my anger at the state, at the corruption I'd witnessed at Fitchburg State College, at the inaccessibility of public documents to the public, at the legalization of nepotism in 1986, rampant cronyism, patronage and corruption in other aspects of public business.  That was my argument, not really even with the Park Attendant, but rather with the rules, the corruption of the rules.  

4. Commonwealth vs. Jarrett (1971):  "Mere making of statements or _expression of views or opinions, no matter how unpopular, or views with which persons present do not agree is not punishable as disturbance of the peace." 



Well, I shall soon be out of the country.  I know, this shall make you joyous.  That is fine with me.  Please, reread your Jesus. 



G. Tod



Subj:       Sorry I missed your b-day last Sunday. I'll send a card.

Date:       8/3/00 3:52:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:      ECantarell

To:          Enmarge




Subj:       American Dissident

Date:       8/3/00 3:25:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time

From:      Kathyclass

To:          Enmarge


Hey G:


It's me, asshole Ed Cantarella(I know its not fair using my wife's unused e-mail account for this nefarious purpose, but...)


Anyway, please e-mail me once you have memorialized me in a blast of acrid,unhappy musings.  If it is in your bi-annual rag, I will gladly send you a check for $7 - and just think, you'll get my p.o. box number.


You know, after reading more of your writings, I would say that you are not an idiot, and actually probably quite intellegent, but very unfocused.  You let yourself diverge from your main topic, effectively killing the strength of your message.  I will share my final paragraph, of work of literary schlockmeistering which included YOU as a bit player:


~              Civil Disobedience:" the refusal to obey a law for the purpose of demonstrating its unfairness or social undesirability".  I'll concede that Mr. Slone was improperly charged with,"Civil Disobedience", as it doesn't appear that Mr.Slone's intent or purpose  was to demonstrate any "unfairness or social undesirability" to the rule or law at work - he merely wanted to gain admission to a state maintained park as quickly as possible,"Slone-style".  However, he then decided to "run the gauntlet" again, and contest the issue with the park attendant.  An earlier article of his describes how children at the same park look at him suspiciously; he understands perfectly well why they have the "park attendants" glance into each vehicle - public safety.

                After more extended correspondence(ok, it was a flame war) with Mr. Slone, I concluded that what he probably was guilty of, was appreciation for "Natural Law"; a concept that is explained in legal dictionaries, but rarely in actual laws.   "Knowledge of natural laws may be attained merely by the light of reason, from the fact of their essential agreement with the constitution of human nature." 11 Ark. 519,527.  Human nature, common sense, ATTITUDE; or, as the title of a popular book of the 70s proclaimed,"Everything I Need To Know About Life, I Learned In Kindergarten". 

                Considering the range of individuals law enforcement personnel have to deal with, I thought Mr. Slone was treated with an "average" amount of civility, and he was granted equal access to the public amenities as any other law breaker: In the Land of Opportunity. ~fine


In answer to your question: Sicilian,Chech.,French,Indian,Black.


Fraternally, your nemasis,

Ed Cantarella