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Freedom of Information Victory—Email from Lucy Loomis

Indicating Why the Editor Was Permanently Banned w/o Due Process


Claiming potential danger to the public is an often successful, though evidently vacuous, ploy of those in power to silence those who challenge them. Interestingly, Loomis has NEVER attempted to respond to my criticism of her hypocritical collection development policy. Regarding the agitation she noted in the email, sure, I was definitely pissed off for I had been working silently, not bothering anybody at all, when suddenly three cops and she entered the room where I was alone. One of them even frisked me! I have no record of violence at all. No warning or due process was ever issued to me. Loomis is an autocrat who cannot bear to be criticized. She is unaccountable like so many others in positions of power. It took a direct order by the State Secretary of Records to force her to open library records to public scrutiny. That is the only way how I obtained this document.

Sturgis Library