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Links to Sites Purportedly Devoted to Freedom of Speech

Sadly, PC has been redefining Freedom of Speech in America. Many, or rather most, of the organizations listed below seem to be following like sheep the NEW free speech, which of course is NOT free speech, but rather PC Speech.

American Civil Liberties Union.  Wendy Kaminer's Worst Instincts:  Cowardice, Conformity, and the ACLU points out that the ACLU has gone from a non-partisan fervent free speech advocate to a PC-partisan fervent multiculturalism-diversity advocate, at the expense of the former, of course.  The ACLU of Massachusetts refused to not only help the editor, but also tell me why it refused. NOT WORTHY OF A LINK.


American Library Association.  The ALA was unresponsive to the editor's grievances regarding libraries, including two trespass orders issued by Watertown Free Public Library and Sturgis Library, both in Massachusetts. NOT WORTHY OF A LINK.


Americans United for Separation of Church and State

The Censorship Page

Call Center (on wiretapping et al)
Citizens against Government Waste (CAGW). 

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).
Center for Individual

Center for Media and Democracy.  Investigates and exposes public relations spin and propaganda. 


Center For Public Integrity.
Center for Responsive Politics


Comic Book Legal Defense Fund would NOT even publish Bosch Fawstin's winning Garland, TX cartoon, nor would it, as a sponsor, deign to respond to my criticism of Banned Books Week.

Common Cause (Holding power accountable). 

Condell, Pat

Congressional Accountability Project (Working against corruption in the US Congress).

Democracy Index. America rates 17th, hardly first!!!


European News

First Amendment Center. The FAC operates out of Northeastern University, the editor's alma mater. It worked on the Sturgis Library case, then suddenly stopped, and refused to inform the editor why. NOT WORTHY OF A LINK.

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

Fund For Independence in Journalism.

Free Expression Policy Project.

Global Free Press. GFP publishes P. Maudit cartoons.

International Free Press

Judicial Watch:  Promoting Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in Government, Politics and the Law. These guys have been doing an amazing job fighting against Obama opacity and stonewalling.

Just $6 (Public campaign funding).

National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC). Joan Bertin, president of NCAC, was unresponsive to my grievances of censorship.  My belief is that Bertin, Wulf (PEN), and Houlihan (Concord Poetry Center) are friends and represent an example of cronyism in the democracy and literature sector. It is a sponsor of Banned Books Week and will not respond to my criticism of BBW. NOT WORTHY OF A LINK.

National Association of Scholars.
National Paralegal. 

PEN New England.  This link has been removed because PEN, which professes "defending freedom everywhere," won't even respond to my grievances of obstacles to my freedom in New England. NOT WORTHY OF A LINK.

Public Citizen (Protecting health, safety & democracy).

Society of Professional Journalists

Transparency International: The Global Coalition against Corruption.
Underground Literary Alliance

United Nations Human Development Index  Whenever someone boasts America is the best country in the world, I cite this Index.  In 2008, it rated America only #12. 


Poetry Sites Open to Dissidence and Linking The American Dissident
—AA Independent Press Guide.
—The Camel Saloon. 
—I Think Therefore Iambic.
—Mad Hatters' Review.
—Pemmican Press.

—VS., An Online Journal of Deliberative Poetry.
—Thunderburst Press.